Sometimes it sucks to be attractive

“I ask people why they have deer heads on their walls. They always say because it’s such a beautiful animal. There you go. I think my mother is attractive, but I have photographs of her.”

Ellen DeGeneres


I had a rather creepy experience today when I was going to the centre and thought I’d take the bus. Seeing as I mostly either drive or walk due to my strange working hours, I haven’t bought a 30-day card yet (probably will get one in February, once I jump on the Mo-Fri bandwagon). Anyway – there I was, smiling at the bus driver and asking for a ticket. He was not exactly ugly but definitely nearing or already in his 60s.

The dude took one look at me and his face lit up while he instantly switched into perv mode. He proceeded to bombard me in an oily voice with statements like “Do you have a tongue piercing as well? That lip ring looks awesome!” I’d have shrugged and laughed it off if he had just left it at that but no, he deliberately kept fumbling with the tickets in his hand and talking to me non-stop about how pretty I am with all those piercings and whatnot. I didn’t even register half of what he was saying, as he caught me totally off-guard but in the end, when I’d been waiting for my ticket for over a minute (maybe even two, it definitely did seem like an eternity), I finally glared at him and said quite loudly “Ha ha, can I get my ticket now, please?”

He then simply had to give it to me because the situation was getting really awkward and he was running late on the schedule. And yet he managed to squeeze in one last remark: “You’re quite the wild kitty, aren’t you?” *wink-wink*


All I wanted was a goddamn €1 bus ticket 😦 What I didn’t bargain for was an unshakeable urge to shower because he was just so… sleazy. It’s none of his goddamn business if I have a tongue piercing or 5 nipple rings on either boob! If I had an euro for every time I have been asked by men I don’t know whether I have any more piercings in other places than my visible face area, I could go to a bar and get shitfaced. Only I wouldn’t, because you see, there would probably be yet another guy who’d feel the need to approach me with the exact same question.

It’s like women with visible tattoos and piercings are automatically space aliens or sluts who deserve no respect. Not saying that all guys have this attitude, thankfully there are still some normal ones left in the world, but those who do… hooo boy. Technically, the whole do-you-have-a-tongue-piercing-as-well-seeing-as-you-have-a-lip-ring thing wouldn’t be so bad, if only it didn’t end with “Will you suck my dick then?” so often. But it does.


Oh well, on a lighter note – I stumbled across a meme today:


This was my result:

Robin had waited ten minutes, to make sure Strike was not about to come back, before making several delightful phone calls from her mobile phone.
– ‘The Cuckoo’s Calling’ by Robert Galbraith (J. K. Rowling)




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