New horizons ahoy!

Let the past hold on to itself and let the present move forward into the future.

“Mostly Harmless”, Douglas Adams


Tomorrow is going to be an interesting day 🙂 On Friday I waved good-bye to my old job and had a few drinks with the cool kids in the evening, despite being in ailing health (hardcore sneezing and coughing) but hey, mama needed booze!

I’m getting better already and can’t wait to start with the new job, which is going to look a little something like this:

no idea

I got a brand new work laptop with ridiculous battery life (Lenovo ThinkPad T440s) and could also get a work phone if I wanted to. Am still not sure whether or not to apply for it… on the one hand – free awesome new gadget 😀 On the other hand there’s the obligation to pick it up at all hours, although the possibility that I will actually be needed outside office hours is quite small. Man, I can’t help but get excited when it comes to getting my greedy little fingers on new techy stuff :3

On Friday I’ll be taking part in the team event with the new guys. It’s going to be me and 18 dudes in a spa 😀 There’s two more persons of the female persuasion in the department besides me but they won’t be attending. Oh well, seeing as all the rooms that have been booked are twin rooms, it probably means I’ll get one all by myself 🙂 I was kind of hoping we’d be going to shoot stuff but I guess a spa with bowling tracks will have to do… 😛 I hope we’ll have enough sober time there so I can go and hang around in the pools, would not mind splashing around in warm water in the slightest.

The second half of next week is going to be quite hardcore, actually. My liver is weeping already in the certain knowledge that it will have a tough job to get through. On Thursday we’ll go out and celebrate Miss R.’s birthday with just a couple of closest friends, Friday is the team event day and when we get back on Saturday some time in the afternoon, I’ll have a few hours to make myself look pretty and then go to UG to celebrate the double birthday party of Arcanar & Miss R.

And then Sunday morning will arrive, as heavy as original sin, when I have to be at my volunteer organisation’s compulsory yearly meeting at 11AM and read out the audit which I still haven’t got because some people think it better to just disappear instead of letting me know they have trouble getting their part done in time. *le sigh*

Ah well, busy times ahead 🙂 We like busy times.



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