Oh, Winamp, tell me what lies ahead?

Once again – the music shuffle game to tell the future 😀 The previous year’s prediction is here and I must say that a lot of it came true 😀

The rules are simple: add all your music folders to your player of choice and set it on shuffle. The titles of tracks will be answers to the questions below.

1. Where am I by the beginning of 2015?

The Bluestones – Sleazy Bed Track

I know it’s getting late.
But if you’d like to talk a little more.
Well that’s alright with me.
I’m feeling kinda tired.

This is… oddly accurate.

2. My main task in 2015.

The Cure – Prayers for Rain

You shatter me your grip on me a hold on me so dull it kills
You stifle me infectious sense of hopelessness and prayers for rain
I suffocate I breathe in dirt and nowhere shines but desolate
And drab the hours all spent on killing time again all waiting for the rain

Yes, lately I’ve been feeling like I’m living in stale waters. Next year will be dedicated to changing that.

3. Self-fulfillment in 2015, my “me” this year.

Suicide Commando – Cause of Death: Suicide

Well, uh… I’m not planning to off myself just yet, so I hope that this is going to mean reinventing myself, a new ‘me’ 😀

4. Financial matters in 2015.

Rammstein – Zwitter

Ich gehe anders durch den Tag
Ich bin der schönste Mensch von allen
Ich sehe wunderbare Dinge
Die sind mir vorher gar nicht aufgefallen
Ich kann mich jeden Tag beglücken
Ich kann mir selber Rosen schicken
Da ist kein zweiter und kein dritter
Eins und eins das ist gleich

Apparently I’m decidedly self-sufficient 😀 😀 😀

5. Relatives and neighbours in 2015.

Id Rev – Palun

palun anna mulle tagasi mu
asbestist syda
unustin ta eile kogemata Sinu ridikyli
huulepulkade ja puudritoosi
armastuskirjade vahele
ega Sa äkki ei
vaadanud ta sisse? Aga
kui vaatasid siis
palun anna andeks
et ta oli täiesti tyhi
ta on mul nyyd tyhi
sest tyhjad sydamed
helisevad kõige ilusamini
palun ära sellest
pahaseks saa
ta mulle tagasi
ja anna
pole minu syy
pole Sinu syy
pole syy

Will there finally be peace on Earth?

6. Home in 2015.

White Skull – Grand Inquisitor

Called from the Pope
I was named inquisitor
It was the beginning of my empire
Court of Seville, court of Madrid
“I’ll bring the law of God”
Everyone will have something wrong to hide
I was a Dominican and now with the money
Of the Christians I am…
Tomas De Torquemada
Was the Grand Inquisitor
Over and over Spain

So… my resolution to learn Spanish in 2015 seems to be a good one 😀

7. Love in 2015.

Vennaskond – Subatlantiline kohtumine

Sa tuled mööda pikka teed,
ma kaugelt aiman sind,
& meie vahel lendab valgeid linde.
On seegi hea mu kallis,
et sa kunagi ei tea,
ei tea, mis toimub sügaval mu hinges.
Ma ootan tuld, mis ühelt poolt
su sigaretti sööb
& teisel pool on sinu kenad huuled.
On elu see, mu kallis,
mis meid jalust maha lööb,
& armastus, mis kestab veel, kas kuuled

This is one of my favourite punk love songs of all times, so… maybe not hopeless 🙂

8. Health in 2015.

Ultramelanhool – Oopiumiingel

Süstla nõelalt langeb tilk
Verre lendab lind
Pööra oma kaarnapilk
Tule ja armasta mind

well, I very much hope that I won’t become a heroin junkie 😀 Maybe I’ll just need to be vaccinated or something like that.

9. Partnership in 2015.

Quincy Jones – It’s My Party

It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to
Cry if I want to
Cry if I want to
You would cry too if it happened to you


Judy and johnny just walked through that door
Like a queen with her king
Oh what a birthday surprise
Judy’s wearing his ring

Now the question is – should I pay attention to the first or the last verse of this song? 😀

10. Loans, mysticism and sex in 2015.

Deftones – Nosebleed

No means no lie now find out what you get – you’re no good
You’ll sit around and throw a fucking fit
We are here onto you
You’re so far – you’re fucking gone
You won’t get to me till you cover me
I don’t need this shit till you cover me

OK, I get it – lending money to people in 2015 is not a good idea. No clue what this has to do with mysticism or sex, though.

11. Travels in 2015.

Pink Floyd – Goodbye Cruel World

Goodbye cruel world
I’m leaving you today
Goodbye all you people
There’s nothing you can say
To make me change
My mind

Well… provided that I’m still not going to kill myself, I do have some travel plans indeed. Planning to say good-bye to my hometown on several occasions next year, at least temporarily.

12. Career and new work-related commitments in 2015.

Marilyn Manson – Para Noir

Fuck you because I loved you
Fuck you for loving you too
I don’t need a reason to hate you the way I do.
Fuck you because I loved you
Fuck you for loving you too
I don’t need a reason to hate you the way I do.

Wow…. that’s… strong 😀

13. Friends and social affairs in 2015.

Dir en grey – Ain’t Afraid to Die

Er… can we stop with the death omens? O__O

14. Secrets and processes in the subconscious in 2015.

Alice Cooper – He’s Back (The Man Behind the Mask)

He’s back
The man behind the mask
And he crawled out of his hole

Uhhh… I’ve had enough stalkers, thanks 😀

15. Where am I by the end of 2015?

AC/DC – Nervous Shakedown

Freeze said the man cruising the beat
You get your hands up spread your feet
Don’t you move an inch I heard him say
Or you’ll be doing time until the judgement day

Well, I sure hope someone is willing to bail me out of jail 😀


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