Winamp says what will happen in 2017!

I don’t even know how many times I have done this already but it’s many years now.

The rules are simple: add all your music folders to your player of choice and set it on shuffle. The titles of tracks will be answers to the questions below. (I usually skip instrumental tracks but that is a personal preference.)

1. Where am I by the beginning of 2017?

Velikije Luki – Tallinn põleb

…uhh… 😀

2. My main task in 2017.

Nine Inch Nails – Underneath It All

All I do
I can still feel you
Numb all through
I can still feel you
Hear your call
Underneath it all

I suppose I should be a bit less of an egoist?

3. Self-fulfillment in 2017, my “me” this year.

Paradise Lost – Disappear

In living with a fear of chance
The chance of fear
The only reason you’re awake
We decrease in size
When burdened with your mind
But you know escape is to run

Either I’m going to lose a lot of weight or… I dunno? No clue.

4. Financial matters in 2017.

Nine Inch Nails – Meet Your Master

Bow down in position
Against the polished steel
This is something different
You’ll like the way this feels
No time for asking questions
No time for wondering
We’ve had enough of you now
You’ve heard everything

Uh… based on the lyrics it’s going to be a tough one but I’ve always loved the song so maybe the challenges will prove to be good in the end?

5. Relatives and neighbours in 2017.

White Skull – The Killing Queen

Kill the fierce her only deep desire
She waited years her anger getting higher
No way she wanted revenge
Hagen knew he left the land forever
He was well aware, he slained the hero
Its guilt, he’ll never deny

…perhaps I should keep away from my relatives? 😀

6. Home in 2017.

Laines – Laul kollasest lillest

Well, at least my home will be my castle where I will feel happy 🙂

7. Love in 2017.

Jäääär – Kohtumine

Pean üksi virelema kevadeni,
Sest noorelt mul surra, on mul tuju.

If the lyrics say I’m going to have to suffer alone until spring, then that’s fine… if spring means that the Handsome Gentleman will finally move in.

8. Health in 2017.

Музыкальный коллектив Петра Налича – Ты ищи меня во сне

Based on the lyrics I’d guess it’s going to be lazy but peaceful for me health-wise.

9. Partnership in 2017.

Scooter – Back in the UK

Once again, we have the plan
Driving you wild, as good as we can
Don’t stop us now, we’re gonna make you move
Raving outside to the passionate groove

I’m fine with that 😀

10. Loans, mysticism and sex in 2017.

Kollane Allveelaev G – Olla võib halb aeg ka hea

The song literally says “bad times can also be good if I’m next to you” so I’m kinda hopeful 😀

11. Travels in 2017.

J.M.K.E. – Petiste vabariik

Looks like I won’t be going anywhere.

12. Career and new work-related commitments in 2017.

Bay City Rollers – Yesterday’s Hero

When you walk down the street,
If you’re sorry then don’t feel bad,
If you followed my story, then just be glad,
You ain’t in my shoes
Haven’t you seen my face before,
Yes, I was the boy who used to live next door,
Yes, I was on television ev’ry night,
Haven’t you seen me round.
Take a look at me, I’m yesterday’s hero,
Yesterday’s hero

O…K… so I’m hoping to get through this rough patch quickly?

13. Friends and social affairs in 2017.

Кино – Это Не Любовь

Again – I love the song very much but the lyrics do not seem to be optimistic…

14. Secrets and processes in the subconscious in 2017.

Queen – No-One But You (Only The Good Die Young)

OH COME ON, 2017!!!

15. Where am I by the end of 2017?

AC/DC – C.O.D.

Call of a dog
Cry of a bitch
The cream of a dream is the cause of the itch
Call on the doctor
Cash on demand
If I get enough rope might even hang
C.o.d. care of the devil
C.o.d. the devil in me

Right. I think I give up.



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