3 – 30 day poetry challenge

Day 3 – Find the nearest book (of any kind). Turn to page 8. Use the first ten full words on the page in a poem. You may use them in any order, anywhere in the poem.

My words: “like Night Vale High School Fund Drive! Help give kids”


I’m fucked, I only function on my drugs
Depleted is my source of mirth
In this eternal cursed night which hugs
This vale of tears, this hell on earth

I drive myself insane each day
Give or take, tell truth or lie
Thank fuck I don’t have kids, I say
And climb onto a ledge up high

My fund of joy, my one true essence
Is empty like a dried up well
I try to school myself in patience
It’s no help, I’m still in hell…

Jeez, that was a really tough one and I’m not too happy about how it turned out but it wouldn’t be a challenge if it were easy…


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