9 – 30 day poetry challenge

Day 9 – Quickly jot down four verbs, four adjectives, and four nouns. Write a poem using all 12 words.


There’s nothing like lying on my big bed
Listening to the cat breathe loudly nearby
Letting my thoughts sprint like greyhounds
While idly scratching that itchy spot on my ankle

I have a million questions but no answers
I wish I could claw at my brain like I reach out to my foot!

Why does my skin suddenly feel like a colony of ants is marching over it?

How come we make the same mistakes over and over
Even if we realize at the time that it is stupid?

When can I hear someone’s soft whisper in my ear again?
How much longer do I need to seek to find myself?
To whom should I pray to make this bad luck end?
Will tomorrow be any better, even just a little bit?

…Would it make a difference if I knew?
The ankle is still itchy…



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