11 – 30 day poetry challenge

Day 11 – Write a list poem.


Anxiety sucks, it’s worse with depression
I have them both plus compulsive obsession
Leaving my home means the following list
To avoid the panic of “what have I missed?”

“Did I turn off the coffee machine? I did.
Did I turn off the kettle and stove? I did.
Did I water and feed the cat? I did.
Did I check that the fridge door is closed? I did.

Did I turn all the lights off? I think I did.
Did I close all the windows? I’m sure I did.
Did I remember my wallet? Looks like I did.
Did I take my phone? I sure as hell did!”

I get in my car and start up the engine
The traffic is fast and absorbs my attention
But anxiety ain’t done with me yet and so:
“But did I lock the door..? OH NO!!!”



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