16 – 30 day poetry challenge

Day 16 – Respond to the poem you posted yesterday with a poem of your own.

(I know I haven’t posted any poems in a few days, my nerves are so tense that violin strings look floppy in comparison. I’m trying to land a job in a company which is 2,5 hours away from my current residence and I am SO READY to pack my things, move there and start working… but I don’t know yet whether they will hire me. Will attempt to squeeze out some poetry now anyway, even if it’s kinda meh.)


One Ring to rule them all… What power did it hold!
No heart was strong enough to fight its lure.
Wise were the elves who kept their distance,
Gold-loving dwarves knew better than to argue.
Only man, that weak of heart and mind,
Would try and fail to tame Isildur’s Bane.



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