20 – 30 day poetry challenge

Day 20 – Write a narrative poem detailing a specific childhood memory.


It was a sunny day in March
Or maybe in April
The snow had melted away
Like one day my illusions would
But back then I knew nothing of these things
I was just a kid, playing in mud
On a walk with my dad
I did not know that other dads were not like mine
That not all dads threatened to leave
That not all dads drank a lot of bitter water
That not all dads made moms cry so often
But back then I was so small
And the sun shone so brightly
And dad wasn’t doing any of those things at the moment
So I kept on jumping in puddles and laughing
Until we came upon a ditch
One day there would be a house there
But that day was yet to come
On that sunny day in March
(Or maybe in April)
I found a little yellow flower on the edge of that ditch
Like a tiny sun
Defying all odds
Blooming there all alone
I was just a kid playing in mud
I did not know that one day this tiny sun
This yellow little flower in all that mud
Would become a metaphor
For my broken childhood



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